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“Appropriate training is key in the making of a dancer: a dancer is both the creation and the creator – it is one of the most distinctive aspects of the job”
(W. Piollet)

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Do you have a professional career project in dance, or do you want to take your EAT (Technical Aptitude Examination) in classical dance, then you can send us your CV and cover letter to apply for the 2023-2024 season.

After studying your file, we will offer you a private audition during a course with the other trainees of the training.




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Information, registration and contact: contact@sanos-danse.com


This one-week intensive will delve into the basics of the Cunningham technique; the afternoon class on Thursday, Nov. 3rd will focus on improv work.


In this intensive, we will work on dance as a means of developping awareness – self-awareness, awareness of the body and its surroundings, of other dancing bodies in the same space, … We will explore the technique developed by Merce Cunningham, particularly the articulation of movement, the role of the spine, of spirals. The improv workshop on Nov. 3rd will allow participants to create movement using the tools they learned in the classes, and to master indications often given during auditions or in company work.


Information, registration and contact: contact@sanos-danse.com / we can only offer a limited number of spots, so make sure you contact us in advance to register!



Adrien Mornet was trained in jazz and urban dance in Nantes, and then joined the Institut National des Arts du Music-Hall in Le Mans. He was trained in ballet and contemporary in Toulouse, then joined the training program in the Centre National de la Danse de Lyon, where he graduated with a Contemporary Dance Teaching certification in 2014.


Adrien is currently performing in The Lion King (Le Roi Lion ) in the théâtre Mogador in Paris; he previously worked with the Centre National de la Danse Contemporaine d’Angers, where he performed many pieces from the Merce Cunningham repertory: Beach Bird, Biped, Point in Space, in France, Italy and New York City between 2013 and 2019.


He also performs with the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, Next Zone Company in Copenhaguen, Tarek Aïtmeddour in Paris and Xuan Le in Brittany. In 2019 and 2020, he danced the Boléro with the Bejart Ballet Lausanne.


(photo: Smuin Ballet dancers in “Petite Mort” (Jiří Kylián), Scott Goodman Photography ©2010)


This one-week intensive will focus on sword fighting, and how it can be integrated in a dance performance; we will not be physically fighting but rather seeking to find the emotional intensity required in stage fights. The body, stable, powerful and dynamic will be trained to convey intentions apt to move the spectators. We’ll cover the fundamentals in sword fighting, fencing and moving in space during a fight scene; we’ll also work on releasing tension, since it is essential to remain calm and in control during fights. Learning how to handle such accessories and techniques will also bring new insight in the relationship with stage partners, as we learn to see, listen and “feel” each other’s energy on stage. Mastering the emotion, technique, and security in this art will allow participants to create beautiful scenes, beauty and artistry being essential elements in duels.


Information, registration and contact: contact@sanos-danse.com / we can only offer a limited number of spots, so make sure you contact us in advance to register!



Géraldine Moreau-Geoffrey is an actress, fencer and stage fight choreographer. She was trained with François Rostain, Christophe Mie, and Philippe Penguy, and she played (and fought) in Robin des Bois (théâtre des Variétés), Macbeth (théâtre du Ranelagh), and Peter Pan during the European tour of the company Les Anthropologues.
She adapted and staged Cyrano de Bergerac in the cour de l’hôtel de Beauvais in Paris, a show that featured fencing quite prominently. She was the choreographer and director of duel scenes for six years in the Château de Versailles for the show Les Sérénades Royales. She was also hired to direct fight scenes in the opera Richard Cœur de Lion, directed by Hervé Niquet for the opéra royal de Versailles. She teaches fencing in the académie de danse baroque de Versailles.

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