SANOS student since 2019


 The SANOS training program has allowed me to become more autonomous in my daily practice. The diversity of the curriculum (ballet, floorbarre, anatomy, history of dance, pilates) gives us a deep understanding of the classical technique, which makes us better dancers. The instructors are very dedicated and they work with us through anything, which makes me feel really supported in my practice. Despite the lockdowns, studios being closed, etc, I managed to get my instructor diploma this year, and this is really greatly due to the dedication and generosity of the SANOS instructors, who have been there for me every step of the way and have provided serious, high-quality training along with individualized support and advice.


SANOS student since 2019


 After two years training with the SANOS program, I have made huge progress in my ballet technique and have gained tremendous experience as a dancer. I love this training program because it is respectful of the dancers and it provides a truly individualized curriculum. I feel supported at a critical time when my career is just beginning. The curriculum is excellent and varied and thanks to it I feel ready for auditions, and anything that can be thrown at me during the auditions and job applications process. I have gained a deeper understanding of how the technique and my body work, thanks to the intelligent, dancer-centered approach in floorbarre classes, pilates and classical ballet. I can’t recommend this program enough to any young dancer looking to take their dancing to the next level and get hired in major companies.


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Sanos student since 2020


I have a chronic ankle injury, and this training program was a true revelation for me: I have found instructors who can support me, work with (and not against) my injuries, and help me move forward in my dance training. Contrary to other training programs I have had in the past, the instructors here really work with students, they are not seeking flashy fast results but insist on consistency, patience and self-understanding, which really pays off a thousand times more in the end.


Sanos student since 2019


 I’ve always wanted to find a training program such as this one: working in a small group with highly qualified and dedicated teachers, a diverse curriculum, and a healthy open dialogue between students and teachers.
Working in this program has also taught me to train smarter and properly, to approach technical difficulties with more confidence and skill and to overcome them, as well as to develop my artistry. Thanks to my instructors, I feel guided and supported in all my artistic projects.




Sanos student since 2019


 This training program has helped me grow as a dancer and an individual.
The kindness, patience, support and competent training of my professors have helped me make huge progress in a healthy environment: I’ve always felt supported and it has helped me gain confidence to take on projects and set bigger goals.
Thanks to this training program, I have learned a lot and built a solid foundation from which I can grow technically and artistically.

Celia Drouy

coryphée (leading dancer in the Corps de ballet) in the Paris Opera:


 Cathy’s floorbarre has always been and still is a precious building block in my personal growth as a dancer. It has allowed me to deepen my physical self-awareness, develop proprioception in a way that was more accessible and more immediate than in ballet classes.
Her classes have taught me how each muscle, each joint has a purpose and a meaning in the foundation of my ballet technique, and how important proper body alignment is to make every movement meaningful and logical physically.
Overall, Cathy has been a tremendous help for me to perfect my technique and refine my physical capacities, by helping me understand how to dance to my full potential, use the body and the abilities I have to my advantage instead of working against my body and limitations.
Finally, whenever I feel a bit lost in my work and I need a little reset, to go back to the foundations in order to revisit some sensations and core technique, Cathy’s floorbarre has always helped me and pointed me back to the right direction.


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